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Arrival in Moscow

Posted in Moscow, Russia by folkestonejack on January 14, 2007

Although I arrived at 4.15am I spent quite a while going through the inevitable formalities, handing over my passport and completed migration cards before collecting my baggage. For once I was not in any hurry – I had far too much time to kill until the first airport shuttle train to Moscow Pavletsky station. I spent the next three hours exploring the airport until the delicious moment that I could settle back into my seat on the largely deserted train. The challenge for the next forty-five minutes was simply to stay awake in my incredibly carriage.

On arrival at Pavletsky I took the metro to VNDKh and headed to the Hotel Cosmos, my home for the next week. I had planned to deposit my suitcases in their luggage room until the check in time arrived but instead the reception staff kindly agreed to check me in straight away – an offer I gladly took up! By 9.30am I was in my room on the 21st floor admiring the stunnng view out over the All-Russia Exhibition Centre even on a day as wet and murky as this.

Hotel Cosmos

Hotel Cosmos had not been my first choice, but I was rather pleased to have ended up here with the the All-Russia Exhibition Centre on the doorstep and easy access to the metro. The hotel was originally constructed for the Moscow Olympics in 1980 and is quite simply vast with somewhere approaching 1800 rooms. It was fine today with no-one much around but I dread to think what it is like on a busy day!


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