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A small corner of England (in Meiringen)

Posted in Meiringen, Switzerland by folkestonejack on October 11, 2007

At the end of a day effectively spent wandering around the perimeter of an airfield I took myself back to civilisation by train and visited the small Sherlock Holmes museum located in Meiringen’s English church. It’s rather strange to wander inside and find yourself transported to a victorian room from 221b Baker Street – and then even odder when you step back outside into Switzerland!

Arthur Conan Doyle stayed in Meiringen in the 1890s and chose the nearby Reichenbach Falls as the place that Professor Moriarty would meet his demise. I didn’t manage to make it there but from the dramatic scenery all around I can see why it would capture the imagination of the writer. Apart from the museum there is a statue of Sherlock Holmes and a ‘Conan Doyle Place’ (with a cute ‘Borough of Meiringen’ sign!).

Meiringen’s other claim to fame is that of the place that meringues were invented and today you can find a few shop’s selling endless varieties of meringues, which I didn’t entirely resist!

At the end of the day I packed up and got some sleep ahead of a morning train to Zurich and a flight back to London City.

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