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Posted in Lvov, Ukraine by folkestonejack on February 17, 2008

The morning arrived early with the crackle of the train’s PA system relaying a morning greeting from Galina, the hostess of the train, rendered largely incomprehensible by the terrible quality of the system. Our breakfast was served at 6.30am and by 7am (or thereabouts) we had arrived at Lvov.

The double span roof of Lvov Railway Station

The cavernous interior of Lvov Railway Station

The freight yard at Lvov

The main railway station at Lvov was impressive with a double span roof but the first thing that hit any of us was the cold, which the sign on one of the span’s helpfully recorded at minus thirteen for us. Time to wrap up well and head out into the cold…

A cold morning in Lvov

Our first day began with a visit to Lvov West depot, though with it being Sunday it was far from the hub of activity that you might have expected on an ordinary day. Still, it was interesting to wander round and see what was lurking in each hall. After a while we all gradually drifted back to the main railway station in good time to watch the arrival of our locomotive for the day – Su 251-86.

Su 251-86 passes through Lvov station

Su 251-86 shunts back to couple up to the carriages for the railtour at Lvov

Ready to depart (with the help of a diesel or two...)

A little after 10am we headed out of Lvov and south towards Ivano-Frankovsk, which was scheduled to be our stop for the second night on board.

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