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Kyiv Pass and Darnitsa

Posted in Kyiv, Ukraine by folkestonejack on February 23, 2008

Our train had reached Kyiv by the early morning and our numbers began to thin when the Japanese party left the train around 6am. The rest of us had a slightly more civilised start with breakfast served at 7.30 am ahead of our slow crawl into Kyiv Pass which we reached at 8.50am.

Mosaic at Kyiv Pass depot

On arrival we transferred to a couple of coaches which would take us out to a couple of the depots in Kyiv before taking us onward. Our first stop was Kyiv Pass depot where we spent about half an hour (9.30am to 10am) exploring the yard with a rich variety of diesels on display. However, the most distinctive features of the depot (at least to my eye) were a mural near the entrance featuring the familiar emblems of the Soviet Union and a plinthed Fdp20 steam locomotive just outside.

After our time ran out we moved on to Kyiv Darnitsa Depot for just over half hour (from 11am to 11.33am) which was a little more lively. Indeed, electric loco VL80-2737 arrived at Kiev Darnitsa Depot during our visit and helpfully set up a wonderful 3 loco shot in front of one shed.

Three VL80s at Kyiv Darnitsa Depot

Finally, the tour reached its conclusion and the coaches headed on to the airport and the city centre. I had opted to stay in Kyiv for a few more days to get the most out of my trip so my journey ended at the Hotel Ukraine with a prime location just off Maiden Square in the centre of Kyiv.

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