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An unexpected detour

Posted in Berlin, Germany by folkestonejack on October 1, 2008

I am never very good at arriving just on time. Instead, I can usually be guaranteed to arrive anywhere far earlier than I need to. Today was no different – an early start got to me to London City airport with oodles of time for my 9.25am flight to Berlin Tegel. Or at least, it would have been oodles if there was still a flight to catch! Instead, I found myself ambling over to the Lufthansa desk to see what the options were now that my flight had been cancelled…

…and then dashing to catch an 8.40am flight to Dusseldorf on a two-leg re-routing that would get me to Berlin a couple of hours after my scheduled arrival time. It was a relief to be able to sink into my seat and relax after all that unexpected activity. Nevertheless, I have to say that Lufthansa organised my re-routing very efficiently and it certainly gave me confidence to fly with them again in the future.

After landing I headed to my hotel in Schöneberg by a combination of bus and u-bahn, checked in and allowed myself some time to chill – knowing that I have six days ahead of me in Berlin. The plan is to pack in a few sights, exhibitions, tours and get to see the Eisenbahnfest Schöneweide. Hopefully, I’ll have no more need of a Plan B after today’s diversion!


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