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Farewell to Zhalai Nuoer

Posted in China, Zhalai Nuoer by folkestonejack on February 22, 2009

Our final day in Zhalai Nuoer opened with a spectacular sunrise at the stabling point, with the silhouette of SY 1618 against the pink sky making quite a sight to remember.

Sunrise at the stabling point

Sunrise at the stabling point

After the sunrise we headed up to the far side of the pit to photograph a spoil train against the backdrop of the pit. Reaching this viewpoint was an eye opener in its own right with an interesting drive across bumpy dirt tracks that rarely would have seen anything other than heavy lorries and the occasional worker’s motorbike.

A crane in the strange moonscape of Zhalai Nuoer

A crane in the strange moonscape of Zhalai Nuoer

Finally, we made a last visit to the pit – just an hour and a half spent wandering around the upper levels and around the coal unloading plant. It was a little trickier to reach today as there was a channel of water to cross and some of the ice was breaking underfoot. A few workers were using picks to break through the ice and direct the water away through a narrow channel. I guess that this helps explain the amazing ice waterfalls you could see in the pit which just add to the alien feel of the whole place.

SY 0959

SY 0959

After our final view of Zhalai Nuoer we headed back by minibus to the airport at Manzhouli, catching a brief glimpse of the Russian border on the way. Farewell Zhalai Nuoer.

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