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Snow in Baiyin

Posted in Baiyin, China by folkestonejack on February 25, 2009

Awoke to find light snow in Baiyin (a relatively unusual occurence in these parts, as the arid landscape confirms) but this had dissapointingly not made its way to the upper reaches of the line when we got there. And then with perfect timing, a blizzard arrived along with the freight train – making for a wonderful opportunity to capture the combination of steam and snow.

Snow in Baiyin

Snow in Baiyin

The rest of the day had its moments, particularly as we explored the area around the depot in Baiyin and stumbled on the walled compound of JS class locomotives (a type I have not seen in steam). We took our lunch in a small restaurant at the entrance to the depot before making our way back out to the line in the afternoon. A loco turned up at the same time as yesterday but not banked this time. Never mind, it was worth a try!

Mural of factory workers in Baiyin

Mural of factory workers in Baiyin

At the end of our final day in Baiyin we headed out by bus, bound for Lanzhou. We arrived in early evening and enjoyed a meal at a local restaurant before heading to the station where the delights of a soft sleeper compartment on train K120 awaited us. It would be my first experience of a sleeper train in China…

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