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Open day at Randers

Posted in Denmark, Randers by folkestonejack on May 23, 2009

I made an early start to make the most of the DSB Museum’s open day at Randers. The focus of events was split between their roundhouse/shed and the line between Randers and Langa.

Throughout the day the line between Randers and Langa saw museum services hauled by a mix of steam, diesel and railcar, dovetailed between regular services. Additional steam and diesel services brought visitors to the event from Arhus and Viborg. A vintage bus service also ran between Randers and Langa. It was all quite affordable – it cost around £8 to visit the shed (including steam shuttles) and about £8 for a return ticket to Langa.

Steam locomotives E991, HV3 and F441 were in action (F441 operating shuttles between the station and the shed) as well as Nohab/GM diesel-electric locos and railcars.

I spent most of the day exploring the area rather than at the shed – following the footpaths that ran alongside the line to see which afforded the best views. I didn’t really set out with much of a plan on this occasion and just went with the flow. It was probably just as well – a more ambitious idea of travelling between vantage spots by bus might easily have unravelled as I discovered that the local bus services could (and did) run as much as ten minutes early at times!

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