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Posted in Frankenstein, Germany, Neckargemünd by folkestonejack on September 27, 2009

The dawn brought another beautiful day into focus and I carried on with my travels across the network, albeit with a growing realisation that whilst hopping from one station to another allowed me to see alot it was also limiting me to some rather dull station shots (given the beautiful countryside around and the rich backdrop of castles, churches and villages that the river valleys could provide). Nevertheless, I made the best of my day and grabbed some video footage and enjoyed the spectacle of express steam.

I visited Neckargemünd in the morning and shot some video footage from a viewpoint over the river bridge. The resulting footage isn’t particularly good (it’s on the wrong side for the sun for a start…) but I like the way that the peel of church bells up and down the valley gives way to the sound of a steam locomotive (50 2179) as it crosses the Neckar.

Later in the day I found myself at Frankenstein (Pfalz) and filmed steam locomotive 01 066 (disguised as 01 045) as it passed smoothly through, shortly after 3pm. You could almost imagine that there was nothing unusual about this, that this was an everyday sight… if only!

All in all, the weekend presented a very different way to experience steam and heritage diesel/electric locomotives than I am used to but it was still thoroughly enjoyable. Tomorrow I head back to Frankfurt by more modern traction (an ICE train) and then on to London City c/o British Airways. Real life beckons once again…

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