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Onward to Ürümqi

Posted in Ürümqi, China by folkestonejack on December 3, 2009

A relatively lazy morning followed by a four hour flight from Beijing to Ürümqi (having first met the tour group at Beijing T3).

After all the reports on the troubles in Ürümqi I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect here. As it was, the airport had a noticeable army presence but I didn’t see much else on our drive through town. Our destination was Ürümqi’s main railway station where we boarded the 23:08 to Hami (K9782) – which, for the record, gave us the unusual experience of a double decked sleeper train hauled by a DF11.

Strangely, my abiding memory from Ürümqi was not a sight from the city but a dish from our meal: a fish floating in a bowlful of giant chillis. If the fish wasn’t already dead it certainly wouldn’t have lived  long in this potent brew, which left everyone gasping for breath…

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