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Narrow gauge steam at Banovici

Posted in Banovici, Bosnia by folkestonejack on April 4, 2010

After leaving Zenica we headed by road to the narrow gauge line at Oskova which turned out to be a good two hour slog through heavy traffic.

To our surprise we found our arrival at Oskova being filmed by a television crew who were putting a piece together about plans to rebuild the forestry line as a tourist attraction. It seems like a good strategy to counter the likely end of the coal line and the area is certainly scenic enough to bring in the tourists (as indeed it already is). In aid of this we joined a diesel hauled train using some newly converted tourist coaches – snacking on bread, ćevapi and beer – on a run to Banovici and back again.

The afternoon saw us take a photo-freight charter from Oskova to Grivice with a class 83 (0-8-2) narrow gauge steam locomotive. It was certainly an experience – sitting on wooden planks in a wagon at the back of the charter and jumping out at various points to get our shots. Quite mad but good fun.

After our day on the line ended we headed for the forestry hotel Zlaća at Banovici. A hearty meal in the evening followed up by plenty of Tuzlanski and Sarajevski beer plus the odd slipovich was enough to send me to a sound night’s sleep!

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