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A delivery for the powerplant

Posted in Bosnia, Bukinje by folkestonejack on April 7, 2010

After a sumptuous breakfast we started our day at Bukinje under much improved conditions. The murk of the previous day was now long gone and replaced by blue skies. In these circumstances we were able to savour the sight of a class 33 locomotive shunting and making a number of false departures before it headed off to the power plant.

Bukinje departure

Bukinje departure

After 33-504 headed off into the distance we moved on to Dubrave, Ljubace and Lukavac to capture various steam and diesel movements before returning to Bukinje where we spent some time staring up at the sky wondering if the clouds would favour us by moving clear of the sun. And they did.

It is a fascinating place… quite apart from the delights of the shed and working steam, there are also a number of locomotives stored outside in various conditions. One of these had a plate showing that it was manufactured in Poznan in Poland.

Made in Posen

Made in Posen

Further on, there was a monorail system which seemed a remarkable kit in its own right, with the most bizarre looking vehicles – though I haven’t got any photographs or video of this.

From one track to another

From one track to another

After such a good day’s photography we returned to the hotel but returned to Bukinje later for a night shoot. All in all, it’s incredible to think how much we managed to pack into a single day… and how enjoyable that has been.

More photos of steam from around Tuzla

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