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Posted in England, Great Yarmouth by folkestonejack on June 5, 2010

After a wake up call at far too early an hour I made it to London Liverpool Street in time to catch the 6.30am NXEA service to Norwich, which connects with the 8:36am NXEA train to Great Yarmouth. In theory there’s about 9 minutes to make the connection but today it was more like 30 seconds with a sprint between platforms! Still, I made it…

I was making my first visit to Great Yarmouth to see the Summer Saturday drags that take place each year on this route. Class 47 diesels are attached at Norwich to haul the final leg of the London-Great Yarmouth direct services. My plan was to explore the Wherryman’s Way and take some photographs of the railway that runs alongside it.

A NXEA class 156 DMU passes Lockgate Drainage Mill

A NXEA class 156 DMU passes Lockgate Drainage Mill

It has to be said that, for once, this was a summer saturday that lived up to the billing. From early on it was clear that it was going to be fabulously hot day for a walk alongside the River Yare. I didn’t quite appreciate how much the gentle breeze was going to mask the pain of sunburn… but hey, I guess with all art you have to suffer!

The day had a worrying start as the class 47 didn’t appear on the first two scheduled services and I resigned myself to a walk photographing diesel multiple units, but the later drags took place as scheduled. Later, I learned that the failure of 47790 a day earlier had caused the earlier cancellation/replacements. The drags in the afternoon were carried out by 47832 ‘Solway Princess’.

47832 'Solway Princess' approaches Lockgate Drainage Mill

47832 'Solway Princess' approaches Lockgate Drainage Mill

Natural beauty... no diesels in sight!

Natural beauty... no diesels in sight!

The Wherryman’s Way is a great walk with incredible views. I had intended to aim for Berney Arms which is Britain’s remotest station (don’t take my word for it, it says so in the leaflet detailing this circular walk!) or further still, Reedham. However, in the end I only made it as far as Breydon Pump because I kept stopping to take photographs at scenic spots, such as Lockgate Drainage Mill.

I’m sure I’ll be back as there’s clearly so much photographic potential along the line and the walk would be a wonderful way to spend the day even without the additional pleasure that a diesel locomotive brings!

More photos from Norwich to Great Yarmouth

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