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Posted in England, Somerset by folkestonejack on June 11, 2010

An early start today, catching a bus from Taunton to Bishop’s Lydeard to visit the West Somerset Railway.

The West Somerset Railway is hosting a three day ‘Diesels in the West’ gala which focuses on the diesel-hydraulic locomotives peculiar to the Western Region as part of the GWR 175 celebrations this year. I’ve not really encountered many diesel-hydraulic locomotives in my time so I was particularly looking forward to seeing/hearing a Warship and a Hymek (I have already encountered Westerns!).

The forecast that I printed out from the BBC website yesterday made for grim reading, detailing the prolonged heavy rain that would fall for most of the day. The reality was markedly different – warm and sunny all day with only the very slightest of breezes. If I hadn’t already committed to the trip I might well have abandoned my plans. The railway seemed quieter than I might have expected, so maybe some people had been deterred?

Usually I do my homework and plan a route using public footpaths to get to interesting photographic locations but on this occasion I got a lineside photographic permit so that I could reach some of the less accessible spots.

Today, I chose the stretch of line from Crowcombe Heathfield to Bishop’s Lydeard and had a wonderfully relaxed day walking to different spots to take photographs. The Warships, Westerns and Hymek all looked and sounded glorious. Hopefully I’ve captured some of this in the photographs and videos that I took.

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