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Posted in Czech Republic, Prague by folkestonejack on October 21, 2010

Arrived in Prague on an early morning flight and caught the Airport Express into town.

I was somewhat disoriented on arrival as the upper level of Praha hlavní nádraží (where the bus stops) had been turned into a giant film set with cameras, white screens and vast numbers of extras milling around. It took me far too long to overcome that disorientation and make it down to the lower level and out of the building!

The art nouveau design of Praha hlavní nádraží is truly stunning but it does seem somewhat perverse that the new station design hides this away from most travellers passing through the station. The old building looks very unloved on the outside, though even then it’s beauty peers out from behind the dirty facade.

As a tourist I was (somewhat hypocritically) dismayed by the rampant commercialisation of the centre of Prague on my initial wanderings but after a while started to filter that out and began to enjoy the city for the remarkable place it is. I guess I should have come to Prague ten years ago, when I had originally planned to…

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