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The golden triangle

Posted in China, Jixi by folkestonejack on January 11, 2011

An early start, a little after 6am, saw us catch the SY class steam locomotives working at first light – albeit fairly grey and misty with no sunrise to speak of.

We started at the golden triangle – a place I had long heard of from conversations on previous trips and which had almost taken on mythic qualities in the retelling. It didn’t fail to disappoint (after all, anywhere that can still produce 8 steam locomotives within an hour in the 21st century is remarkable) and was still relatively unblemished by the electrification poles that could be found in most other places in Jixi. We had to be very thankful for the early arrival of winter which prevented the erection of the remaining poles.

SY 1369 departs from Dongsheng on 11th January 2011

SY 1369 departs from Dongsheng on 11th January 2011

Our next stop was shift change at Dongsheng where you couldn’t help but notice the large advertisement for the future – one in which electric locomotives are king! Nevertheless, in spite of the poles here there was still plenty to see in every direction. It might be doomed, but for now it’s still another oasis of steam.

The future is electric

The future is electric

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