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SY Sunrise

Posted in China, Jixi by folkestonejack on January 12, 2011

The day started with a dash down the narrow path to the riverside, across a couple of flow control gates and into the fields. The hope was to capture the sight of a freight train crossing the river bridge between Chengzihe and Jixi Xi at sunrise. The slight flaw in the plan was the uncooperative forces of nature – instead of a warm glow we had grey skies with an almost imperceptible tint of pink… not quite what I hoped for!

The lengths we go to capture the sunrise...

We trekked back to the minibus and headed back along the heavily rutted road towards Chengzihe (it felt more like a spin inside a washing machine than a form of passenger transport!). No sooner had we made it back to Chengzihe than news reached us that another freight train was due over the bridge. We headed back…

Unlike the first time I chose to forgo the tricky path down to the fields and settled for an atmospheric shot with a line of trees, icy road and luckily – sun. You can barely make out the steam in the distance, but I like the shot nevertheless… it captures a moment of pleasure, watching the freight train fill the length of the river bridge.

SY sunrise

SY sunrise

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