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Early morning in Diaobingshan

Posted in China, Diaobingshan by folkestonejack on January 13, 2011

There are early mornings and there are *early* mornings… a 4.37am arrival at Tieling (with a wake up call from the attendants on the train half an hour earlier) was definetly one of the latter! Thankfully a combination of coffee and biscuits were on hand to revive me for the onward minibus ride to Diaobingshan…

It was a clear and colourful sky that greeted us at Sanjiazi – a marked change from the murky grey skies of Jixi. Standing at the platform edge watching a tender first passenger working head into the station amidst a sea of red lights was the perfect way to start the day.

Tender first into Sanjiazi

Tender first into Sanjiazi

A little later we headed out to a bridge over a frozen river on the Diaobingshan-Daming line. A year earlier we had a long walk to reach the spot but a new road spared us the agonies of frozen fingers and feet…

It was one of those locations that just shouted out its photographic potential from every vantage point – whether you were up close to the bridge, down amongst the reeds on the frozen river or up on the bank. It was the latter viewpoint I chose in the end and was richly rewarded with the beautiful sight of the SY hauled passenger service crossing a stark landscape completed by a distant conical spoil tip.

A steam hauled passenger service crosses the landscape on a service from Daming to Diaobingshan

A steam hauled passenger service crosses the landscape on a service from Daming to Diaobingshan

If only my video had co-operated and kept working for a few moments longer, I’d be able to complete that with sound but never mind… the picture itself captures everything I felt about that moment.

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