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A diesel interlude (and homage to the DF4)

Posted in China, Diaobingshan by folkestonejack on January 14, 2011

Ok, so I’m on a trip to see the last bastions of steam… and yet, it’s hard to resist the evocative sound of a DF4 when it’s before you. It might appal the steam purists but one of the pleasures for me on a steam trip like this is that it throws up a number of interesting opportunities to see diesels at work in China every now and again. The random nature of these moments makes that all the more satisfying.

Today, we had the chance to see two DF4Bs at Diaobingshan (DF4B 7754 and DF4B 7755) as well as a couple of DF5Bs. Although the DF4B diesel electrics are pretty much ubiquitous across China my trips have usually served up the uglier, boxier diesels such as the DF5s. It was nice to see some DF4B action on this trip… and this small gallery is my homage to the DF4B and the other diesels at Diaobingshan!

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