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Out and about in Diaobingshan

Posted in China, Diaobingshan by folkestonejack on January 14, 2011

The late morning didn’t seem to promise much so we headed back to the station but then news came through of an unexpected steam service so we dashed back to the minibus and headed to the nearest decent location we could find – taking a back alley to a small park with a view of the bridge on the approach to Diaobingshan station.

As we drove down the back alley I didn’t imagine that the location would promise much but it was unexpectedly charming. Having said that, I’m sure the locals must have wondered what a crowd of westerners were doing crouched down by the stream trying to get the best shot!

SY 1771 on the approach to Diaobingshan

SY 1771 on the approach to Diaobingshan

I think a shot closer to the semi-frozen stream and lower down would have given a better perspective. There were perils to this though, as those closest to the stream discovered when the ice gave way and revealed not water but smelly black sludge. Eek!

SY 1771 passes a striking row of trees at Diaobingshan

SY 1771 passes a striking row of trees at Diaobingshan

After visiting a couple of level crossings (as you do!) we headed back out to the line to Daming to get a different shot with the spoil heaps in the background.

SY silhouette

SY silhouette

After this final shot we collected our luggage from the hotel and started our three hour drive to Fuxin. Midway we stopped at a service station restaurant and had an impressive (and very tasty) meal – there really wasn’t much any difference in quality or price to the places we had been to previously in Jixi.

We arrived in Fuxin at around 9pm and a little exploration showed that there really wasn’t much in the immediate vicinity of the Zhonglin International Hotel except for a petrol station (with an enormous queue of taxis waiting in line). Having established this I retreated to the hotel for a few much needed bottles of beer.

More photos: Diaobingshan gallery

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