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Lineside in Fuxin

Posted in China, Fuxin by folkestonejack on January 15, 2011

The late morning and afternoon took us to a variety of lineside locations, none of which I had seen on my previous trips. It just goes to show that you can visit a place twice without having the same experience.

It started with a distant view over the spoil dumps at Fuxin where two trains were already working. A little later we had the chance to see one of these come rolling back down (whilst imagining how much more impressive they must be charging their way up!).

The next stop was a small level crossing and station at Miaodong (I think) where we saw SY 1396 rattle through with some empty coal wagons. Followed by another level crossing, this time at Taiping, where we could only marvel at the chaotic arrangement of the level crossing box (one of the few here not replaced with a neat yellow box).

Finally, as the day began to reach its conclusion we returned to some places that I was familiar with – the small depot and a nearby stabling point.

After the day’s efforts we headed straight to a local restaurant and enjoyed wave after wave of sweet potato, sweet and sour pork, aubergine, chicken with cashew nuts and red chillies, beef and cabbage. All washed down with a local beer – Meixue. Who could fail to love China with such a mix of stunning food and steam!?


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