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Chasing trains in Yuanbaoshan

Posted in China, Yuanbaoshan by folkestonejack on January 17, 2011

An early start today – meeting up in the hotel foyer at 5.50am for the one hour drive from Pingzhaung to Yuanbaoshan. In itself this wouldn’t have been too bad but coming after a long drive the previous day it was something of a killer! Having said that, I’d be the first to agree to an early start… after all, you don’t come all this way to miss out on the action by delaying your start for a bowl of cornflakes ­čśë

Our arrival at Xizhan (the main station on the Yuanbaoshan system) was in good time to watch two JS class locomotives shunting in preparation for the first trains of the day. The departure of the mixed passenger/freight with JS 6245 was right on schedule at 7am and I tried my best at a hand held video sequence, though I hadn’t bargained on having to keep still for 20 freight cars followed by 6 passenger cars. I may have been a tad optimistic there…

After the final carriage had passed we dashed back to the minibus and chased the train, overtaking it on the bumpy road alongside the railway. We reached the river bridge before the train with sufficient time to get down to the riverbank for a shot in the early morning light.

JS 6245 on the river bridge between Gongye and Fengshuigou

JS 6245 on the river bridge between Gongye and Fengshuigou

Yet again, we jumped back into the bus once in order to try and get ahead of the train for a third time. Our prize was to witness the final leg from the last level crossing on the line (which it stops at) to the terminus at Fengshuigou.

There must be quite an art to stopping in the right place to line the passenger coaches with the station as these are right at the back of the train.

Finally, we watched the JS shunt the wagons it had delivered – once the passenger cars had been decoupled. All in all, an incredible way to start the day… and it was still only just getting light!

JS 6245 shunts at Fengshuigou

JS 6245 shunts at Fengshuigou


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