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Farewell to China (for the last time?)

Posted in China, Pingzhuang by folkestonejack on January 18, 2011

The final shot of the day (and of the trip) came with a tender first working back to the stabling point as the light steadily disappeared. Once we had that in the bag we headed to a local restaurant and then on to Chifeng (a one and a half hour drive away) for the 9.06pm night sleeper to Beijing.

The final shot of the trip

The final shot of the trip

This is my third trip to China for steam and I suspect that it will be my last. I’ve said that once before and changed my mind but this time feels more certain. There are only a relatively limited number of industrial lines in operation still and I think it’s fair to say that I’ve seen a good chunk of what is left. Not that you couldn’t go back and find many new photographic opportunities in familiar places ­čśë

Anyway, I think it’s over for me. It would be different if there were lots of other industrial lines to see but its a bit late in the day for that (if only I had started just a few years earlier…). On the other hand, if the suggested new QJ destination materialises that might be a different matter…

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