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New day, another chase!

Posted in China, Yuanbaoshan by folkestonejack on January 18, 2011

The new day brought a new chase. First though, we had to make the hour long drive to Yuanbaoshan which required another 5.50am start. Luckily, coffee and biscuits were at hand to help us cope… we arrived at Xizhan in good time for the 7am departure.

Shortly before 7am we saw two freights arrive – one from the powerplant hauled by a green liveried diesel (GKD1 4009) and the second was hauled by one of the orange class DF12 diesels and a JS class steam locomotive. The steam locomotive had stalled a relatively short distance outside Xizhan with 30 filled wagons from Fengshuigou so the diesel had been sent to assist, dragging the tender first JS and wagons into the yard. Unfortunately my shots of this double header are pretty rubbish but it was interesting to see…

Unlike yesterday 7am saw the departure of a short train with just 6 passenger cars – no freight wagons at all. Nevertheless we gave chase and caught it four times before it reached the terminus. I’m not quite sure what the difference was today but the carriages were noticeably emptier – hardly anyone got off at Fengshuigou. We took some last shots of JS 8250 with a glint from the sunrise and then headed on to Pingzhuang to make the most of our final day on the lineside.

More photos: Yuanbaoshan gallery

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