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Pingzhuang Mining Railway

Posted in China, Pingzhuang by folkestonejack on January 18, 2011

We arrived back at Pingzhuang at about 10am and headed to Zhuangmei where we found two locos at the washery (SY 1079 and 1017). A third loco (SY 1052) arrived a short while later with some covered coal wagons. It was a lovely location with a great industrial backdrop and perfectly blue skies.

Three SYs at Zhuangmei

Three SYs at Zhuangmei

After getting all the shots we could at Zhuangmei we drove on to the southern station at Pingzhuang Nan. The road has a height barrier midway which caused a moment of concern but our minibus turned out to be the perfect size!

At Pingzhuang Nan most of us clambered up a large heap of coal in the yard ready to get a good shot of the imminent freight train. SY1017 duly arrived chimney first around 11.15am with 27 wagons and left tender first at 11.55 with 55 wagons. It was a great sight rumbling across the bridge over the dried-up river bed.

SY 1017 approaches Pingzhuang Nan

SY 1017 approaches Pingzhuang Nan

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