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Williton to Stogumber

Posted in England, Somerset by folkestonejack on June 10, 2011

After watching the early morning freight and another fast service, I caught the 10:32 service from Washford to Williton which was hauled by the Warship D832 “Onslaught”. The warship was due to be repainted into BR green but was still in a grey undercoat. Whilst this appalled some folk, I have to admit that I thought she looked pretty stunning in this unintentional livery and rather liked the novelty value as well. After all, I don’t suppose you will get many opportunities to see a Warship in anything other than maroon, blue or green…

For the first day of the gala I chose to concentrate on the stretch of the line between Williton and Stogumber, a section of the line that I hadn’t explored on my previous visit. The rain had already started to fall at Williton when I arrived but in the end there was nothing for it but to head out onto the line with my lineside photography permit.

The pattern for the day was mostly one of intermittent rain, sun and clouds – usually with the rain starting whenever the next train was due! I could cope with this, but around 3 or 4pm the rain became more intense. My focus switched from good positions for lineside photography to good, safe places to shelter. Finally I gave in, catching the 5.31pm service from Stogumber to Washford behind the Western. A retreat to the pub for some dry clothes and good food was never more welcome!


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  1. Jo said, on June 16, 2011 at 2:53 am

    Thank you for your stoic bravery in foul weather to bring these images to us, especially when you could have been celebrating a birthday with someone very dear!
    Keep shooting, I’m loving the view.

  2. folkestonejack said, on June 16, 2011 at 10:47 pm

    Thanks! I was thinking it was perfect weather for someone I know who prefers plenty of shade and a dash of rain! I’ll try not to be midway between A and B next time though…

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