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Stogumber to Crowcombe Heathfield

Posted in England, Somerset by folkestonejack on June 11, 2011

The promise of better weather held out until mid-afternoon, long enough for me to have completed most of my walk from Stogumber to Crowcombe Heathfield. It was only as the skies darkened and the rain started to fall that I realised just how much wetter it was going to get…

It was madness to be out in the rain but I had little choice in the matter as I hadn’t reached Crowcombe by this point. At least when I did make it to the station I found that I wasn’t alone in looking like I had just stepped out of the shower fully clothed!

I took my soaking as the cue to head back to Washford and caught the next train off Crowcombe. This in itself was slightly delayed as the Western failed and had to be taken off at Williton – I hope that doesn’t cause too much trouble to fix as it’s a marvellous sight and sound for anyone who wasn’t around to see these in their heyday.

Once again, the pleasure of dry clothes and good pub food made for a welcome end to the day.

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