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St Valery sur Somme

Posted in France, Saint-Valery-sur-Somme by folkestonejack on August 30, 2011

Our stop in St Valery sur Somme gave us the chance to wander along the quayside up to the medieval old town, taking in the view across the fast moving waters of the bay to Le Crotoy. Although intended as more of a short break from our journey rather than as a destination to linger we found ourselves entirely won over by the charms of the place and spent much longer here than originally planned.

The walk we took was broken up every now and again as we took a moment to read the display boards dotted around – amongst the most informative I’ve seen on my travels. They really make a huge difference to a wander through the town, which is delightful enough as it stands but so much better armed with a little information. The boards highlight the towns connections with various artists, literary giants and historical figures (such as Joan of Arc) as well as the various buildings around the town, including the curious church of St Martin which has two naves.


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