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Time to depart

Posted in Jersey by folkestonejack on September 9, 2011

The grey skies and low cloud were still very much in evidence at first light but finally started to release their grip of the island by late morning.

Up till now I hadn’t really appreciated the effect the weather had on commercial flights yesterday – the low cloud and fog had brought about severe disruption to commercial flights with 34 inbound flights and 27 outbound flights cancelled or delayed yesterday afternoon/evening. The disruption wasn’t over yet – I walked into the terminal to see that every flight out was either cancelled or delayed so far this morning. It was pure luck that my flight back to London Gatwick was later in the day, by which time conditions had improved significantly.

I took a walk around the airfield on the marked footpath/cycleway and enjoyed the spectacle of a few departures including those of the BAE Hawks, Alphajets and the Sea Vixen. I particularly enjoyed the latter – there is something rather incredible about those jet fighters of the 1950s/60s that is hard to equal. I was delighted to see (and hear) the Sea Vixen take off and then loop round for a pass before heading out to sea.

BAE Systems Hawk XX245 taxis to the end of the runway at Jersey, ready for departure

A French Air Force Alpha Jet departs from Jersey airport passing one of the old hangars

At the end of my walk I reached a viewpoint looking out across St Ouen’s Bay which looked refreshingly unspoilt by development. After taking in the scene for a while I turned around and headed back the same way, ready for my own departure on a British Airways flight. All things considered, it was rather remarkable that my flight was only delayed by about 15-30 minutes. In the past we hadn’t been quite so lucky, I remember having to return to St Helier for the night on one occasion after bad weather had resulted in the cancellation of our flight home. I was quite relieved to escape…

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