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HMS Belfast and other sights along the Thames

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on December 17, 2011

A walk along the Thames today gave a relatively unusual view of the HMS Belfast without the gangway connecting it to the riverside. The gangway collapsed in November and had lain part-submerged in the Thames until last night when a crane was brought upstream to remove it.

HMS Belfast without gangway

Our next stop was The Barrowboy and Banker, a Fullers pub I have passed on the way to work for over a decade without ever stepping inside. The interior was larger and more impressive than I would have expected from a casual glance. This becomes a little clearer when you pick up a menu which explains that in a former life this was the first branch of the NatWest Bank. It’s a decent choice if you’re looking for a good pint of cask ale and one of their tasty pies (the house pie is to be recommended!).

A little further along the Thames we found a sandwich board publicising an open day at the Rose Theatre and followed the arrows down a side street and into the exhibition space underneath an office building. I was vaguely aware of the discovery but it was fascinating to hear the full story told in a short film presentation, followed by questions. The archaeological remains were buried and re-covered with a few inches of water to protect the site from deterioriation – red cable lights mark the location of the foundations. The post-film talk explained that the site is sinking and that the need to raise the funds to do a full dig has never been more urgent.

Finally, we made it to Tate Modern to check out the latest installation in the turbine hall before re-tracing our steps to London Bridge.

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