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HMS St Albans arrives in London

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on March 17, 2012

The Type 23 Royal Navy frigate HMS St Albans (F83) arrived in London this morning for a short stay. It has to be said that the weather forecast didn’t look all that welcoming, with the BBC offering heavy rain for London throughout the day from 9am onwards. Luckily, the rain held off just long enough for HMS St Albans to make her way up the Thames to a spot alongside HMS Belfast.

I took an interesting walk along the Thames from Wapping and settled on a spot at Limehouse (near Keepier Wharf) to watch the frigate pass in the company of two Svitzer tugs. The skies were pretty grey and murky but the background image of Canary Wharf still made an impressive backdrop for the ship as she passed by with the crew lined up along the deck.

HMS St Albans passes Limehouse on 17th March 2012 with Canary Wharf in the background

The Ministry of Defence have published an article at HMS St Albans to sail up Thames which gives more details on the plans for the visit. She is expected to depart (and pass back under Tower Bridge) around midday on Thursday 22nd March.


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