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A stroll through the Olympic Park

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on May 5, 2012

After attending three test events with quite carefully controlled access arrangements I was surprised to learn that we would be able to stroll through the Olympic Park on our way to see today’s test event – not something I would have imagined possible just a couple of months earlier (when we saw the vast scale of construction work taking place across the park from the safety of a shuttle bus en route to the velodrome). Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised by just how far things have moved on.

Our route through the park took us from the Greenway Gate (manned by the army for the day), up to Orbit Circus, along the banks of the Waterworks River and all the way up to Eton Manor. The cheers from the Riverbank Arena (where a hockey match between Great Britain and Argentina was taking place) filled the park wonderfully at times and left you in no doubt that the combined effect when all the venues are in operation will be incredible. The work going on now seems to be focused on peripheral buildings, sponsor pavillions and a few areas of planting. It is surely going to be quite an amazing summer here.

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