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Folkestone Jubilee Airshow

Posted in England, Folkestone by folkestonejack on June 2, 2012

The fiftieth anniversary of the Battle of Britain in 1990 prompted a number of airshows and flypasts, including one at Folkestone which proved an irresistable draw for us. The airshows lasted until 2003 when the plug was pulled and it seemed unlikely that they would ever return. It therefore a most welcome surprise to hear that an airshow was to be revived at Folkestone for the jubilee weekend and it seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

The Red Arrows at the Folkestone Airshow in 2012

Folkestone has an obvious and expansive vantage point in a victorian promenade sitting 200ft above sea level (The Leas) which the airshows of 1990 and successive years played to. Aircraft would sometimes appear from below our position and usually offered a different perspective from those shows where you had to crane your neck skywards to see the spectacle.

Hurricane LF363 from the high vantage point of the Leas

The weather forecasts leading up to the show varied incredibly, but luckily the weather held and once again the skies above Folkestone were filled with the sound of acrobatic display teams, modern jets and warbirds. I have never mastered the art of photographing planes but I enjoyed having another go from the beach and the Leas.

The display from the Red Arrows was superb – this was my first chance to see the team with seven hawks rather than the usual nine. Unfortunately a computer malfunction (as I believe it was reported) resulted in the synchro pair having to abandon the show early, reducing the team to just five. No matter, it was still wonderful to see.

The arrival of the Lancaster flanked by a Spitfire and Hurricane was a highlight of the show for me. I made it up to the upper Leas by this time and the side on view was wonderful, particularly with the Hurricane against the backdrop of the English channel. Fingers crossed that this show gets to run and run.

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