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Bring on the games

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on June 27, 2012

The Olympic Games are creeping ever closer. Up to now there have been few visible signs of the games in the centre of town, but that seems to be changing now that we have hit thirty days to go.

The Olympic Rings hang from Tower Bridge

This morning the Olympic rings at Tower Bridge were lowered into position after a week and a half tucked out of easy view (unless you happened to be walking across the bridge and looked up). As the rings could pose a problem for any tall ships that pass underneath they have a folding mechanism to bring them into a horizontal position. Adding to this, the former Natwest Tower was illuminated this evening with a vibrant pink display making the Olympic Rings visible across the city.

It seems nowhere has been spared this sudden wave of Olympification. Overnight my local station, Norwood Junction, has sprouted a plethora of purple signposts for the Olympic Park. It is more than a little surprising as the Olympic Park is around 13 miles away and not on any direct route. Truth be told, South Norwood seems an unlikely area to find hordes of games-bound visitors though maybe they will make their presence felt soon! Regardless, it will be a handy reminder if I forget that I need to catch a train into London to get to the Olympic stadium…

More Olympic images

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