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HNLMS Snellius visits London

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on August 24, 2012

The Thames has seen plenty of unusual visitors of late, with the Olympic Games attracting an unusual collection of superyachts, royal vessels and cruise ships to the capital. Unfortunately, most of them made their way up the Thames whilst I was tucked up behind a desk at work! Today, luck turned my way with the scheduled early morning arrival of a mystery vessel at Tower Bridge (no information was given other than the time that the ‘vessel’ would pass through).

HNLMS Snellius passes Metropolitan Wharf

Today’s visitor turned out to be a less glamorous but perhaps more unusual sight – the hydrographic survey vessel HNLMS Snellius (one of two such vessels in the Royal Netherlands Navy). As luck would have it, her arrival coincided with my morning commute so I was able to take full advantage and re-route my journey into work via Rotherhithe. Shortly after reaching a spot near the Rotherhithe Cupola (a ventilation shaft for the Rotherhithe Tunnel) I was treated to the sight of HNLMS Snellius (A802), accompanied by the tug Christine, making her way up the Thames.

HNLMS Snellius alongside HMS Belfast

HNLMS Snellius passed through Tower Bridge around 7.40am (with the tug returning in the opposite direction about 30 minutes later) and is currently moored alongside HMS Belfast. The ship is scheduled to leave London on Monday 27th August (with a bridge lift booked for 10.15am at the time of writing).

More photos of HNLMS Snellius

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