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Bread and breakfast

Posted in China, Sandaoling by folkestonejack on November 16, 2012

Apart from the obvious attraction of the steam locomotives at the mine, two highlights of the trip to Sandaoling were the wonderful breakfasts and the incredibly delicious bread baked on the roadside.

Uyghur bread stall and stove

Uyghur bread stall and stove

Our early morning starts to reach the railway by sunrise invariably meant that we saw these places in darkness but that added to the appeal, watching baking by the light of a bulb or seeing our breakfast being prepared on streetside stoves before being brought inside to a hungry audience!

Early morning baking in Sandaoling

Early morning baking in Sandaoling

On a quiet afternoon we headed in to the town centre for around half hour, giving us a better opportunity to appreciate the talents of the hard-working bakers who seemed to stay at their stoves all day – the same bakers we saw before the dawn were still working in mid-afternoon!

The variety of breads on offer from the Uyghur bakers seemed to differ from day-to-day, with everything from small bagel-like breads through to thin circular flat bread. I opted for one of the incredibly thin, flaky circular flat breads which had been baked with a chive flavouring. Fresh from the oven, it was simply sensational – and all for just 3 Yuan (approximately 30 pence in sterling).

Uyghur flat bread with chives

Uyghur flat bread with chives

As for breakfast, we sampled dumplings and noodle soup at three establishments – all with their own character. One place had been decorated wonderfully with a chequerboard of sprite labels across the walls and ceiling. Another place, serving noodle soup, was decorated with a poster showing a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, bread, cheese, fruit juice and coffee that must have looked exotic to the regulars in this place. I am fairly sure it wasn’t on offer! In each place we were served up really tasty food that set us in good stead for the long days ahead of us.


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