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BOA 70: Vice Admiral Kulakov leaves Liverpool

Posted in England, Liverpool by folkestonejack on May 27, 2013

The veteran Udaloy class destroyer Vice-Admiral Kulakov was one of the more intriguing visitors to the Battle of the Atlantic commemorations in Liverpool. The destroyer was laid down on 4th November 1977 and launched on 16th May 1980, serving with the Northern Fleet until March 1991. After a lengthy layoff for repairs, the destroyer returned to active service in late 2010.

RFS Vice Admiral Kulakov heads out of Liverpool

Udaloy class destroyer RFS Vice Admiral Kulakov

The Russian ship certainly gives the impression that she is built for battle, with banks of missile launchers dominating at the front of the ship. The ship was open to visitors for two afternoons during the commemorations with a Ka-27 helicopter brought out for display. It has to be said that the crew were impossible to miss around town, coping incredibly well with their new found stardom and posing for an endless number of photographs!

RFS Vice Admiral Kulakov

RFS Vice Admiral Kulakov heads out of Liverpool

Unfortunately, operational demands called the destroyer away from the commemorations earlier than expected. This required something of a juggling act on the Mersey as the THV Patricia (berthed alongside) moved out of the way to allow the Russian ship to depart with the assistance of a couple of tugs. Finally, on a fairly wet Monday lunchtime the destroyer headed back out into the Irish Sea.



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