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Wanders around the South Bank

Posted in England, London by folkestonejack on June 15, 2013

It has been a little while since we wandered around the South Bank, so the news that new street art from Phlegm and ROA had been added to the walls of the Queen Elizabeth Hall seemed like a good excuse to return for a gentle wander, a taste of the street food on offer and a pint in the National Theatre’s Propstore.

The Propstore is a wonderful pop-up riverfront bar, built with sets from past NT productions – including the train set from The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and the benches from This House (which we opted to sit in). It was a perfect spot to chill out on a relatively relaxed weekend.

The Cheesegrater changes London's skyline

The Cheesegrater changes London’s skyline

After suitable lubrication we headed up to Waterloo Bridge, which presented a good opportunity to see how the London skyline is changing again, with the structure of the Cheesegrater now at its full height and (from our viewpoint) obscuring the Gherkin. The bridge also turned out to be a great spot to view the terrific flypast for the Queen’s Birthday which flew over at 1pm in somewhat challenging wind conditions.


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