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Steam in Brazil

Posted in Brazil, Tubarão by folkestonejack on July 5, 2013

The number and variety of locations in the world with real steam is rapidly diminishing, but in some places it is just possible to turn back time for a moment or two and restore the sight of working steam. The Dona Teresa Cristina railway in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil, is one such place.

The road to Tubarão

The road to Tubarão

Bernd Seiler of FarRail Tours has worked with the railway museum at Tubarão and the privatized modern railway (Ferrovia Tereza Cristina) to re-create the spectacle of heavy coal freight trains on the system. It has taken a remarkable amount of preparation to ensure that these trains can run and to create a workable plan to dovetail these steam freights with the regular traffic on the line. The incredible attention to detail that has gone into arranging this tour was a significant factor in convincing me to book a place and take up the opportunity to photograph a moment out of history.

Our international group of photographers and videographers assembled at Florianópolis airport this morning after completing long haul flights from all corners of the globe. Unusually, for a trip such as this, our first day has been relatively relaxed. After completing the 160km bus ride south to Tubarão we have been able to chill out at the hotel and explore the surrounding area. Tomorrow will be a different matter, with the first steam freight from Tubarão to Urussanga.

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