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Morning steam on the Ferrovia Dona Teresa Cristina

Posted in Brazil, Tubarão by folkestonejack on July 6, 2013

The railway museum at Tubarão, the centre of the system, currently has three serviceable steam locomotives and two of these will be used on our tour. The first to make an appearance was an Alco 2-8-2 (no. 153, built in 1941) which was used for shunting and light use on the line. This locomotive was painted green some time after it finished its working life, but has been re-painted in its authentic black livery for our re-creation. Since joining the museum fleet the loco has been used on tourist trains, so this occasion presents an unusual opportunity to see it hauling coal wagons.

Alco no. 153 on the line to Jaguaruna

Alco no. 153 on the line to Jaguaruna

Our morning with Alco no. 153 began at Tubarão and took us close to the outskirts of Jaguaruna, with a number of photo stops along the way. As most of the steam I have seen in my life has been in Europe or China, it was quite striking to see a steam locomotive working past a couple of palm trees. It was well worth spending the time to get this photograph right!

On this charter we are not riding the train but instead chasing it using four Volkswagen Kombis well suited to the rough back roads in the area – a necessity to reach the most scenic spots. It was also great to be able to call on the local knowledge of the museum president, Dr. José Warmuth, who spent many a moment in the 1980s photographing the real thing from the same spots.

Morning steam on the Ferrovia Dona Teresa Cristina

Morning steam on the Ferrovia Dona Teresa Cristina

Later in the week we will get to see one of the beautiful ex-Argentinian Santa-Fe 2-10-2’s (no. 205, built by Skoda in 1949) that first appeared on the system in the early 1980s. The third serviceable locomotive in the museum is a Jung 2-8-2 (no. 5, built in 1954) which spent its life shunting at Capivari power station, rather than on the line, but we will not see this in steam during our tour.


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