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Steaming around Tubarão

Posted in Brazil, Tubarão by folkestonejack on July 12, 2013

It was something of a surprise to find that the expected disaster had not materialised and that Santa Fe no. 205 had been successfully hauled back to Tubarão by diesel after failing outside Siderópolis yesterday. On the down side, not much remained from the supply of the good coal. A digger helped load what little remained and we just had to hope that this would be enough to see us through the day, particularly as we were going to try to get to the most scenic spot on the network at Imbituba.

Morning preparations

Morning preparations

After the tender was fully loaded we followed the locomotive through the streets of Tubarão as it worked light engine to the diesel workshops to take on water. We were given permission to enter the workshop grounds where two stored steam locomotives could be seen under cover – 200 2-10-2 Skoda 1985/1949 (ex-Ferrocarriles Argentinos 1355) and 210 2-10-2 Henschel 23592/1937 (ex-Ferrocarriles Argentinos 1337).

Santa Fe no. 250 at the workshop gates

Santa Fe no. 250 at the workshop gates

At the workshops we were met by an official from the Ferrovia Teresa Cristina (FTC) who helped us understand the ambition of the railway, which wants to extend the existing line to Araquari to the north and to Cel. Freitas in the west. This development would connect the isolated FTC network to the national network and create a rail cargo corridor through the state of Santa Catarina. If successful in this endeavour, the railway could carry everything from ceramics (a key product of the state) to containers between the interior and the ports.

Taking on water at the workshops

Taking on water at the workshops

After our little jaunt to the workshops we headed back to the museum, expecting to be on our way again before too long. The plan seemed to be that our train would be hauled by diesel to Imbituba and then detach for the steam freight to work back towards Tubarão – a sensible plan given that we only had enough coal to get one way. However our confidence slowly drained as time passed. After two hours sitting around in the grounds we could only be sure of one thing – a new problem must have arisen!


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