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Farewell to Tubarão

Posted in Brazil, Tubarão by folkestonejack on July 16, 2013

Although it seemed as though our trip was always just a step away from catastrophe we managed to make it through to the end somehow. In no small part this was down to our incredible crew, the valiant efforts of the museum team to work through the night repairing the locos and the ability of our tour organiser to continually re-plan as each new disaster hit.

Now we could relax, safe in the knowledge that we had made it to the most important photospots by the end of the tour. It might have been a slightly bonkers journey at times, but that is what makes these adventures so memorable. The events of the past week have also clearly captured a local interest too*, which I hope continues to generate goodwill for the future development of the railway museum.

TAM Airbus A320 PR-MBZ: My ride to Sao Paulo

TAM Airbus A320 PR-MBZ: My ride to Sao Paulo

Our journey home was to be a long winded affair, starting with a coach at 9.15am for the drive to the airport at Florianopolis. Flights out of the city were pretty much fully booked so we were spread over three different internal flights, even though we were mostly taking the same international flight out of Sao Paulo.

I had half expected a few problems (on account of slightly mixed messages from the ground crew at Florianopolis who suggested that the boarding passes they had printed for me would be invalid for my onward connections, which the check in staff at Sao Paulo assured me was not the case!) so was pleasantly surprised by the smooth transit. The only heart-stopping moment came when the machine at the gate came up with the message ‘Ticket rejected’ but that only turned out to be a seat change that worked in my favour.

My flight landed in Frankfurt on time and left me with a few hours to kill before the onward connection to the UK. Inevitably it was at Heathrow that things went a little haywire with an unwished for circular tour of London, repeated a few times, though I got the clearest views of my neighbourhood that I have managed on a flight which made up for it a little. It was good to be back.

*A local television station, Unisul TV, recorded a short piece on Saturday to find out why a group of international tourists came all this way, and the resulting footage is available on their website as
Rede Ferroviária volta a circular na região. On top of this, there were articles on the Radio Sideropolis and Diário do Sul websites.


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