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Turkish delight

Posted in Istanbul, Turkey by folkestonejack on October 9, 2014

It feels like quite while since I have headed out on my travels to seek out the last remaining survivors of the steam age, but this is something that I am rectifying this week with a trip to Western Turkey to see one of the many kriegsloks that found their way onto the Turkish rail network after the war. I am bookending the week long photo-charter with a dip into the cultural offerings of Istanbul and Antalya.

Destination: Turkey

Destination: Turkey

The flight from London to Istanbul was not especially long, at 3 hours 45 minutes, but not much of the day was left after I had squandered a fair number of hours at the airport. Although I didn’t have great hopes of getting to do much with the day, I still clung on to the possibility of watching the sun set over the Bosphorus until the moment that I turned the corner and first saw the massive queue for passport control at Atatürk Airport! After an hour of shuffling I was finally through with the formalities and once again re-united with my luggage.

On my escape from the airport I grabbed an Istanbulkart (the equivalent to London’s Oyster card) and headed for the metro. It was a relatively easy, if slow, journey from the airport to the Zeytinburnu interchange and then on to Sirkeci by tram. I seemed to have timed my arrival perfectly for the rush hour, so the journey gave me a much more authentic introduction to the hustle and bustle of daily life than I would have liked – though, no worse than any London commute! It was good to reach the calm of my hotel in the heart of the old city.

Window shopping in Istanbul

Window shopping in Istanbul

My journey has effectively taken me from sunrise to sunset, setting me up perfectly for a single day of sightseeing in Istanbul tomorrow. I celebrated my arrival with some of the sweet morsels on offer all along the street outside my hotel. Time for the adventure to begin…

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