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Tennison Road: From one bridge to another

Posted in England, South Norwood by folkestonejack on December 14, 2014

Over the last week the main span of the new bridge crossing the railway at Tennison Road, South Norwood, has been moved into position. The timing was a slight surprise as the original plan was to hydraulically push the bridge into place on Christmas Day when no trains were running, but the use of innovative techniques has enabled the engineers to move the span into place ahead of schedule and without closing the railway.

It looks like there is still plenty of work to be completed so the road won’t be re-opening anytime soon but it is still great to see the gap bridged again.

Sunset at the new bridge

The sun sets over the new bridge

The whole exercise has been no small undertaking – this is the largest bridge replacement that has taken place in the South East for the last decade, evidenced by the impressive cranes and heavyweight equipment that we have seen being brought in.

The transformation has been fascinating to watch from the sidelines, from the demolition of the old bridge to the assembly and installation of the new steel bridge deck. Nevertheless, it will be good to see the works finish and normality resume in Spring 2015.

Postscript 21/12: After I published this post Network Rail released a rather wonderful timelapse video of the replacement of Tennison Road Bridge which shows the new bridge being launched into position using a hydraulic strand jack system. It’s hard not to be impressed!


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