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Inside Bavaria

Posted in Germany, Munich by folkestonejack on June 6, 2015

The trip was all but over and we had barely seen anything of Munich itself, apart from a trip to the Residenz and Nymphenburg Palace on the day we arrived. To rectify this glaring gap we made an early start on our last day and set off on a wander. Appropriately enough, our first stop was Bavaria, or rather the embodiment of Bavaria in bronze that was unveiled in 1850. It is a huge sculpture and remarkably advanced for its time.



You can climb up the inside of the sculpture and peer out of a few openings in an incredibly tight chamber, reached by the most awkward staircase that I have come across. I was the only one inside at the time of our early morning visit so no-one could witness the indignity of my attempts to clamber and crawl into this space!

It was rather strange being inside the head, a bit like seeing everything from the inside of a jelly mould. The seats at the top have been rather wonderfully designed to look like they are cushioned, though they too are made from bronze. Thankfully the temperatures were not as high as yesterday but it still felt like an oven inside there – what on earth must it be like in the midday sun!?

Our morning then took us on a trail of stunning churches, including St Pauls, the Burgersaal, St Michaels, the Frauenkirche, the Asamkirche and the Ludwig kirche – all stunning in their own ways. From our last stop we took a combination of metro and S-Bahn to get back to the airport for our late afternoon flight home. An hour’s delay to our flight provided a welcome opportunity for one last radler to toast Bavarian hospitality.

The stunning interior of Kloster Ettal

The stunning interior of Kloster Ettal

I have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Bavaria and alongside the spectacle of the palaces it has been a pleasure to be delighted by unexpected exhibits (such as the golden model of Trajan’s column in the Residenz Treasury), seduced by the natural beauty of the countryside and wowed by surprising interiors (such as the dome at the Kloster Ettal).
Occasionally it is nice not to have done your homework and find your breath taken away when you least expected it.

It’s astonishing how many wonderful sights are packed into Bavaria and it is no wonder that we barely dented the list of places we wanted to see. I expect we will be back before long!



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