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The lure of Dawlish

Posted in Dawlish, England by folkestonejack on August 22, 2015

I had resisted the lure of the air show at Dawlish until last year, joining 100,000 spectators to watch the rare sight of two Lancasters and other delights against the red cliffs of the South Devon coastline. It didn’t take long to appreciate why this air show was so beloved of photographers and I had a suspicion that I would be back sooner or later.

The Vulcan makes an impressive entrance at Dawlish as the bad weather closes in

The Vulcan makes an impressive entrance at Dawlish as the bad weather closes in

In the end the temptation of saying a last farewell to the Vulcan at such a special location proved too much and I booked some train tickets for a mad day trip to the show. The plan looked more than a little foolish in the build up to the day, with forecasters predicting a devilish mixture of clouds and rain. I was grateful to find that this was one of those occasions where the reality was rather different, arriving in Dawlish to the welcome sight of blue skies and sun.

The air show is dependent on donations and sponsorship, all of which came into sharper focus this year with an impressive crowdfunding campaign to bring the Vulcan to Dawlish one last time (£10,000 was raised in the space of a week). Sadly, bad weather was rapidly closing in when the Vulcan arrived but she still gave us a wonderful reminder of why she will be much missed when her flying days come to an end next month.

The Typhoon thrills at Dawlish

The Typhoon thrills at Dawlish

Other highlights of the day include a terrific display by the Typhoon and a delightful duet between the Strikemaster and Rich Goodwin’s Muscle Biplane. The flying display finished early to the accompaniment of thunder, lightning and rain but given the dire forecasts it was amazing that they managed to squeeze in as much in as they did.

I did not get to hear the news about the terrible events that had unfolded at Shoreham until I returned home late in the evening. My thoughts go out to everyone caught up in the tragedy.


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