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Pozanti diesel gala

Posted in Pozantı, Turkey by folkestonejack on September 8, 2015

An early breakfast for an early start that didn’t materialise! Instead, we ended up hanging around our starting point, Pozanti, waiting for our chance to get moving. Eventually, two hours later than expected, we headed off to Belemedik and the end of the section of line constructed in 1912.

Diesel 24 275 hauls a southbound freight through Pozanti

Diesel 24 275 hauls a southbound freight through Pozanti

Whilst we were hanging around at Pozanti we were entertained by three diesel hauled freights and one passenger service (even briefly stopping a police car to stop it getting in shot!). It is easy to forget that the electrification programme will have just as much impact on the opportunities to see and photograph diesels on this historic line so I was not at all disappointed to grab these shots.

Our diesel extravaganza continued even when we headed south on our rather unsuccessful expedition to Belemedik with few shots possible and the sun already uncomfortably high for photography. Taking all of this into account I found a comfortable perch on some concrete sleepers and soaked up the sun instead!


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