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Gorging on steam

Posted in Çiftehan, Turkey by folkestonejack on September 9, 2015

In the afternoon we returned to Pozanti for our expedition north, departing around 2pm with all the locals waving, honking their horns and taking photos. All very atmospheric and enough to warm the hearts of any photographers still grumbling about the action-free morning!

TCDD 56 548 in the Taurus mountains near Çiftehan

TCDD 56 548 in the Taurus mountains near Çiftehan

The weather was good in one sense, with plenty of sun and a temperature in the high thirties, but the sky was unclear (apparently the result of a distant sand storm in the middle east). Not the greatest conditions for photography, but most of us were just relieved to have something to photograph at all!

We spent the next few hours taking shots at a couple of locations – a traditional signal near Çiftehan and the gorge that we visited on our first day in the Taurus mountains. Confusion reigned over the number of runpasts (perhaps as many as eight) which resulted in the bus filling and emptying at dizzying speed (photographers clambering out in a hurry as they realised another runpast was in progress). It was finally all over just after 5pm.


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