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Cappadocia in a day

Posted in Göreme, Turkey by folkestonejack on September 12, 2015

After sticking around in Çiftehan for one more night it was time to join a small group of recovering railway photographers on a whirlwind tour of Cappadocia. It is generally recommended that you allow at least two days to see the main sights, so cramming a tour into a single day was a bit of an ask…

However, given our limited time it was great to be able to visit the early christian churches in the Goreme Open-Air Museum and see some of the many wonderful natural sights on offer in the area. I am sure that there is much much more to see and do, but if I never make it back then I have a little taster of a unique landscape.

Uçhisar Castle

Uçhisar Castle

Our circuit took us from the rock citadel of Uçhisar to Göreme, Avanos and Çavuşin before bringing us back to our starting point. We were lucky enough to have good weather for most of the day and even the intense burst of rain that fell whilst we were wandering around the fairy chimney formations was quite refreshing. After completing our tour we continued on our journey to Kayseri, arriving in the city just after 6pm.


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