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Singapore stopover

Posted in Singapore by folkestonejack on December 20, 2015

I have learnt that it is never wise to cram too much into a stopover as you can never be sure how alive you will be or how much brainpower remains after such an exercise in sleep deprivation!

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands Skypark

We had booked a room in Singapore’s most striking hotel, Marina Bay Sands, and been rather delighted to be upgraded to a suite. This was larger than my flat back home and absurdly equipped with more facilities than we knew what to do with – across the four rooms that made up the suite I counted eighteen seats, three sinks and two toilets!

Our stopover gave us sufficient time to take advantage of the hotel’s remarkable infinity pool, located on the surfboard like platform that sits atop the three towers of the hotel (known as the skypark). It was rather amazing to be able to swim to the edge at sunrise and peer over at the city skyline.

As the day warmed up (to an uncomfortable temperature in the mid 30s accompanied by humidity of close to 80%) we made our way into the gardens in the bay, followed by a walk to the artscience museum. Our sightseeing choices were based on the prospect of air conditioned coolness rather than anything else!

The current exhibition at the museum was ‘Collider – the world’s greatest experiment’ was a rather marvellous immersive walk through the story of the Hadron Collider and the discovery of the Higgs bosun.

Although not the most obvious choice for a stopover with a sleepy brain ‘Collider’ proved a great way to spend an hour, cleverly using a mixture of theatre, art-installation and objects to explain a difficult concept. For example, in one zone a corridor from CERN had been re-created with a particle physicist’s office. This included all the posters and notices from every day life (I rather loved the lost cat notice which read ‘Please return dead and alive to Erwin Schrodinger!’).

I came out of the exhibition enlightened, but the last of my brainpower for the day had gone. It was time to head back to the airport, grab some food and get ready for our next flight.



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